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Yacht Management with Mainsail Corporate Yachting Events

Mainsail Corporate Yachting Events Yacht ManagementTo meet demand for charters Mainsail Corporate Yachting Events are looking for more charter boats to add to the fleet. Contact the office for details.

Buying a new yacht?

Why not consider our yacht charter management scheme?

We offer you, the owner, a financial return on your new yacht when you're not using it.

Joining our premier fleet of yachts means that we care for your investment each day, all year round.

You optimise the balance of personal yacht use and income to suit your own needs.

An annual contract allows us both to plan ahead.

Mainsail Corporate Yachting Events Yacht ManagementWe offer charter clients a range of packages, the minimum of which is a modern, safe, clean, comfortable yacht, such as yours.

Our additional, tailor-made packages for charter clients help yacht owners to maximise their income.

Our scheme may enable you to upgrade your yacht or release capital for other purposes as the VAT element may be recoverable from purchase and running costs.

Contact our office for details on pricing and terms.

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Not looking to fill a yacht? Individual places and vouchers are available for our yachting trips.

We also offer the option of floating, high quality meeting rooms with LCD screens and other essentials. The fleet is based at Kip Marina, Inverkip and can also be made available from other marinas and coastal locations to suit your needs.